11 comments on “Prehistoric India at Manchester Museum I: Archibald Campbell Carlyle

  1. This looks really good Bryan. I have a friend whose dad was an archaeologist in India and he may have some materials to contribute. Or is it only for museum related materials?

    • Thanks John, we are thinking in very broad terms about the new South Asia gallery and are interested in collecting contemporary material too – in my case material related in some way to the Indus Civilisation or other archaeology from the Indian subcontinent- for instance a withdrawn school textbook that makes a particular and erroneous claim about the Indus civilisation based on a mis-reading of one of the (broken) stamps/matrices, modern feature films/DVDs inspired by the archaeology. We have been offered potsherds from Quetta and Pirak that left Pakistan in 1965 so we’d like to acquire them to put on display. If you let me know what materials your friend’s father has I’d be very happy to start a conversation with you/him. Best.

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    A guest post from Bryan Sitch, our Deputy of Head of Collections, on some exciting finds from the Museum’s archaeology collection that may feature in our new South Asia Gallery.

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    • I never did find a photo of Carleyle I’m afraid and neither did Jill Cook and Hazel Martingell in their great BM occasional paper. As I am now leading a China Gallery project opening in 2021 I have less to do with Carleyle/Carlleyle I’m afraid but it would be good to know if a portrait turns up. One avenue might be to look at groups photos of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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