4 comments on “Humans in Ancient Britain: Rediscovering Neanderthals Exhibition

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  2. looks brilliant, they could be relatives of mine ;¬) Did you ever re-do Alderley edge book?  le dea-mhéin, Seán Ó’Brógáín


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  3. Reblogged this on Stories from the Museum Floor and commented:
    The team on the museum floor are very excited about the new exhibition, “Humans in Ancient Britain: Rediscovering Neanderthals”. Including the 400,000 year old Swanscombe skull, a rare British connection to Neanderthal migration, on loan from the Natural History Museum in London, the exhibit also includes current research taking place at the University of Manchester along with many of our own objects from Creswell Crags.

    Come and compare your contemporary self on a journey with these early humans. The exhibition is open now and runs until 13th July 2016.

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