3 comments on “Spurious Chinese Antiquities and a Manchester Sinophile

  1. Hi I’ve just come across this post. During my undergraduate degree I wrote an essay on John Hilditch using a pretty extensive archive of press cuttings and pamphlets that is held at Chetham’s Library – I wonder if there was going to be some sort of follow up to this then that would be a great place to start. Feel free to get in contact for any more details – I believe I still have the essay and a lot of the material I used in digital form.

    • Thank you for responding. The kind people at Chetham’s Library sent me a CD with scans of documents – presumably those you worked on, but I did not know who had done the work so I have held off from adding anything to this blog. Now I have your details I’ll add some more information from the CD about this perplexing character.

      • Hi!

        This was really fascinating. I recently stumbled across Hilditch when researching a potential PhD topic.

        I was wondering if you could help me, basically I’m wondering what has been published on Hilditch, and if there is scope for doctorate study. I was hoping to study Hilditch within the further topic of Manchester’s China collection.

        Thanks a lot,


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