One comment on “Visitors from the Malmo Museum in Ancient Worlds

  1. Mimmi at the Malmo Museum sent the following comment:-

    First of all, thank you so very much for taking your time to show us around in your museum and your beautiful exhibitions when we visited you! We got really inspired, both from what we saw in Ancient worlds and other parts in the museum.

    It was also interesting to see that you had made an almost similar journey like we are about to do, concerning the galleries with the closed windows – so beautiful to see the fantastic windows and a room full of light – and objects! Looking forward to see what it will look like next spring when we start to renovate our old prehistoric gallery.

    We really liked the way you displayed the objects in the different galleries, the fact that you had let the young people introduce the visitors to the different rooms, and also the upper floor with the filled cabinets. I think it is so important that if you make an exhibition for younger people – they should also be represented and visible within the exhibition.

    I was glad to see that you wrote about our visit in your blog!

    Curious about how your interactive mobile experience work – can I only access it with my smartphone and do I need to download an app? Remember that you told us that everything was on the exhibition website and I tried to find out more there, but I was not really successful I’m afraid. Would be great if we can explore it from here!

    Wish you I wonderful weekend and hope to stay in contact! Everyone in our group send their warmest greetings!

    All the best,


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