3 comments on “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super-eolith!

  1. The item above isn’t a bear but probably a double-notch with nose (the chipped edges aren’t to be seen very well on the foto). I pocess tools of this type from paleolithic sites in Europe (for instance Le Moustier, France).
    I visited many museums and universities in Europe (England, France, Germany and Belgium; please see page 16 below) where I saw lots of Eoliths. There, high quality photos and casts from many Eoliths were made. I got in touch with men in Europe (England, Belgium, France and Germany) who have expertise in Paleolithic stone tools. No question, the published Eoliths are artifacts comparable to artifacts from the Lower Paleolithic in Europe and not to be geofacts as proposed. The most comprehensive book about the Eoliths problematic is “Vergessene Archäologie”. I am the author of this book. Unfortunately for you, this book is written in German. Please see at http://www.vergessene-archaeologie.info.

  2. I have a blog with my eolith, flint tool, and Paleoart finds.
    Many in the British institution need to re-examine the evidence for the validity of thee beautiful ancient art works.

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